Welcome to Comic Book Historians, an Online Fanzine. I’m Alex Grand and we’re dedicated to creating a multimedia experience to learning the intricacies of Journalistic Comic Book History, to fit the comic books and strips that we know and love into a visual historical context. Who created what? Why was it created? Where did all these stories and characters come from? What do they tell about our country or world at those points in time? Why does that matter? If these characters weren’t always this way, how did they get created? This is a place where research is presented with facts in an overall picture to get at the truth whether it’s an Article, Podcast, Interactive Facebook group, TikTok, Instagram or YouTube Channel.

Meet CBH Creator & Historian Alex Grand

I am a Comic Book Historian, author of Understanding Superhero Comic Books, as well as a Panelist, Consultant and Motion Comics Animator featured on The Today Show, CGTN America Cable Network, The Life According to Stan Lee Documentary, Newsy National Network, contributor & speaker on both the Marvel Lego Art soundtrack & interviewee on the Russo Bros produced Docu-Series narrated by Kevin Smith, Slugfest: Marvel vs DC, written creator bio’s in graphic novels, consultant to Harvey Comics’ Ghost Empire Documentary, published in The Jack Kirby Collector, Alter Ego Magazine, and am writer and creator of the Journey Into Mexico comic series and cocreator of the Hashman graphic novel. My work is quoted or sourced in various media such as those in Disney+ ‘Marvel 616,’ Disney+ ‘Stan Lee’ Doc, NPR, The Wall Street Journal, The Comics Journal, Hollywood Reporter, Comic Book Resources, Bleeding Cool News, PreviewsWorld, The Sydney Morning Herald, Comics Beat, 13th Dimension, Quality Comix, Grand Comics Database, Wikipedia and am featured in the Walter Day Comic Book History Card Collection and consulted for ‘ĄBoom!’ tv quiz show in Spain.

I wrote an extensive Foreword in the critically acclaimed Graphic Novel, COR: Controlled Organic Robotics for PKMM Entertainment, contributed images to Alter Ego & DC Comics Before Superman as well as supplied educational videos to San Francisco’s Cartoon Art Museum. I have been interviewed for various national and college radio shows like UK’s talkRADIO and WVCR 88.3FM in New York, appeared on convention panels ranging from the Dallas Fantasy Fair to San Diego Comic Con International and the notably Academic Comics Arts Conference.

You can order my book, Understanding Superhero Comic Books from McFarland Books with Foreword by Jim Steranko. Editorial reviews from comic professionals located at the amazon page, as well as high praise literary reviews from Associated Press, Kirkus Reviews and Literary Titan:

Comic Book Resources gives Alex Grand’s Understanding Superhero Comic Books two thumbs up! click below:

My Motion Comics are featured on Amazon Prime, and I founded / administrate Comic Book Historians, a YouTube Docuseries Channel, 10,000 member Facebook group, blogger, and the Journalistic CBH Podcast. I have a Bachelors in Visual Arts and am a comic reader since age 4.

Alex Grand discusses the returning to San Diego #ComicCon 2022 on Newsy Morning Rush’s Media Mix. (2022)

CBH’s Alex Grand was in a San Diego Comic Con Panel 2022, discussing the importance of archiving comic history, where he announced his upcoming book, Understanding Superhero Comic Books.

CBH’s Alex Grand is quoted in the Hollywood Reporter on Creator Rights in the Comic Book Industry.

CBH’s Alex Grand is quoted in the Wall Street Journal on how financial and personal struggle was at the heart of Marvel Comics in the 1960s, and how that’s introduced into the MCU in Falcon and Winter Soldier 2021.

Amazon Prime’s The Flash: Saga of the Scarlet Speedster (2023) features interviews with Julius Schwartz & Carmine Infantino conducted by our very own David Armstrong and remastered by Alex Grand.

The Comic Book Historians Podcast was a source in the Disney+ ‘Stan Lee‘ Documentary (2023)

Alex Grand wrote the obituary with friend, Bud Plant, for the late great art historian Jim Vadeboncoeur Jr. (1946-2023) for The Comics Journal.

Alex Grand writes his report and discussion of the goings on, and ramifications of the Steve Ditko Convention 2021 that occurred at Johnstown, PA for The Comics Journal.

CBH’s Alex Grand joins Roy Thomas, Maggie Thompson, and Tom Brevoort in discussing Marvel in the 1960s and Iron Man in the soundtrack for Lego Art’s Iron Man:

CBH’s Alex Grand is in the Russo Brothers Comic history Docu-drama series Slugfest: Marvel vs DC narrated by Kevin Smith with an all-star cast & first episode premiering at NY Comic Con (2020) and available at ROKU:

Check out the Motion Comic trailer of Alex Grand & Sebastián Guidobono’s 4-issue comic book mini-series Journey Into Mexico (2021), which was given glowing reviews by Latinx Spaces, and Literary Titan, available in both English & Spanish in graphic novel, or comic book 1,2,3,4 and e-book.

Alex Grand’s Foreword to innovative Graphic Novel COR found at

CBH’s Alex Grand is interviewed about his book, Understanding Superhero Comic Books by Tom from Cosmic Comic Nation powered by Comic Con Radio:

Latinx Spaces gives Alex Grand and Sebastián Guidobono’s graphic novel, Journey Into Mexico, a glowing review – click:

CBH’s Alex Grand & N. Scott Robinson, Ph.D. edited a career spanning zine with contributions by Roy Thomas, Jim Salicrup, Don McGregor, Brian Stelfreeze and more about former Marvel writer and editor, David Anthony Kraft:

CBH’s Alex Grand was on Monte’s So Important: The Interview Podcast! discussing his book Understanding Superhero Comic Books, on Comic Books – And Realism!

CBH’s Alex Grand & Jim Thompson are highlighted here in Bleeding Cool News for their Career spanning podcast interview of Diamond Comics Distributor President, Steve Geppi.

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CBH’s Alex Grand interviewed about the history of the Comic Book on the Transatlantic Podcast (2020).

CBH’s Alex Grand is interviewed by Justin Kenyon for his Calling Out Controversy Podcast on in 2 episodes.

CBH’s Alex Grand is included in the Walter Day Comic Book History trading card collection:

CBH’s Alex Grand is on Paul Hermann’s Comic Binge show discussing the history behind two special What If…? issues

CBH’s Alex Grand was a keynote speaker for ARMA Nebraska Seminar 2021:

Two CBH Instructional videos by Alex Grand about comic book auteur, Jim Starlin were part of the San Francisco Cartoon Art Museum’s 2018 Exhibit: The Infinite Universe of Jim Starlin.

HASHMAN trailer blowing socks off:

The Comic Book Historians Podcast made it into the top 15 list of Comic History related Podcasts:

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Check out CBH’s Recent Motion Comic with Marvel Universe co-creator Jack Kirby’s 1950s, The Thing on Sputnik 4 animated by Alex Grand:

Click the video below to see CBH’s Mission Statement:

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CBH’s Alex Grand is in 6 out of 10 episodes of the Russo Bros. produced documentary series (2021),

Slugfest: DC vs. Marvel, and also given credit for providing archivable materials. The show is directed by

Sheena M. Joyce & Don Argott, who directed Batman & Bill. Watchable here:

CBH’s Alex Grand hosted LEGO ART: SPIDER-MAN with special guests, Marvel editors Tom Brevoort & Nick Lowe as well as LEGO designer and engineer, Nico Vas:

CBH’s Alex Grand was quoted by NPR regarding the sad passing of Comic Book Great, Neal Adams:

CBH’s Alex Grand and Editor of Fantagraphics, Michael Dean wrote Neal Adams’ obituary for The Comics Journal:

CBH’s Alex Grand’s article on Jack Kirby Marvel Precursors is found below in the 25th Anniversary edition of the Jack Kirby Collector. Click below to read:

Learn more about my book, published by McFarland & Company, Understanding Superhero Comic Books in this CBH docuseries video:

CBH’s Alex Grand was on the BBC radio show, Today with Marvel comic book writer, Zeb Wells, discussing the cultural relevance of Spider-Man for the character’s 60th anniversary, which starts at 2:26:30 mark of the morning program:

CBH’s Alex Grand interviews Mark Ditko, nephew of the late co-creator of Spider-Man Steve Ditko about the auteur’s life and career, presented in Roy Thomas’ Alter Ego Collectors’ Item Classics.

CBH’s Alex Grand & Jim Thompson interview the late, great Silver Age inker Tom Palmer in a biographical interview for the CBH podcast presented in Roy Thomas’ Alter Ego Magazine issue 184, 2023.

CBH’s Alex Grand & Jim Thompson interview Professor William Foster III on the history of African American creators and characters in over 100 years of comic books in Alter Ego Magazine issues 173 & 174.

Jim Steranko & Alex Grand chat and take the listener into his biography in The Steranko Experience (2018):

CBH’s Alex Grand & Jim Thompson definitively interview Jim Shooter about his extensive career in part 1 of 2:

Check out CBH’s Howard Chaykin-zine dedicated to his life and career, edited by Alex Grand & N. Scott Robinson, Ph.D.:CBH’s Alex Grand & Bill Field Interview Neal Adams in a zine dedicated to his career, edited by Alex Grand & N. Scott Robinson, Ph.D.:CBH’s Alex Grand & Jim Thompson Interview Roy Thomas about finding himself in the Marvel Age

A sit down chat between Alex Grand & the late Steve Ditko’s nephew, Mark on various key aspects of the Spider-Man co-creators life, characters and motivations in this career spanning interview including rare and unseen photos and footage. This interview is celebrated and presented in Roy Thomas’ Alter Ego Collectors’ Item Classics.

CBH’s Alex Grand on Cable Network Channel, CGTN America’s show, The Heat discussing Avengers Endgame from a Comic History Perspective:

CBH’s Alex Grand was on the Today Show discussing comics reflection of the national consciousness in 2020:

CBH’s Alex Grand discussed the History of DC Comics and Russia’s Politics on Newsy National’s Morning Rush (2022):

Check out David Armstrong’s Golden and Silver Age Interviews with figures like John Buscema, John Romita, Julius Schwartz, Carmine Infantino and more filmed tirelessly from 1997 to 2005, remastered by CBH’s Alex Grand and celebrated by comic book scholars and luminaries such as Marvel’s Tom Brevoort!

Check out this Comic Book Historians Frank Thorne interview and retrospective with the man himself, shortly before his death in this career spanning zine:

Check out CBH’s Alex Grand, with Larry Hama, Gerry Conway, Roy Thomas, Thomas Jane, and Cartoon Art Museum’s Andrew Farago in the trailer for Life According to Stan Lee, a documentary that aired about the Marvel Comics co-creator:

CBH’s Alex Grand is interviewed on the performance and success of Spider-Man: No Way Home (2021) on the Newsy National News Network:

Click to see LEGO and Marvel’s press release for their innovative new toy project with accompanying soundtrack which includes comic expert interviews with former Marvel Editor in Chief, Roy Thomas and CBH’s Alex Grand.

CBH’s Alex Grand is interviewed by UK talkRADIO host, Paul Ross about the historical importance of Marvel Comics 1000

CBH’s Alex Grand wrote the obituary for Comics Interview Publisher and Marvel alumnus, David Anthony Kraft in The Comics Journal 2021


Check out Comics Beat’s Article on 1930s Women Comic Characters Panel from 2019 SDCC with Nicky Wheeler Nicholson, Trina Robbins, Alex Grand, and Brad Ricca.

From CBH Publishing, Cult Girls by Natalie Grand and Cassandre Bolan, which won First Place at The BookFest Awards for Girls & Women YA Fiction, First Place at the PenCraft Book Awards for best Graphic Novel/Comic, a Literary Titan Gold Book Award 2023,, Gold Motivational Memoir Human Relations Indie Award & Gold Arts Book Award, and a Maincrest Media Book Award for Women’s Non-Fiction.

Multiple award-winning Graphic Novel from CBH Publishing, the psychedelic Hashman, based on a true story, by Alex Grand, Joshua S. Berman and Charbak Dipta, achieving Gold Literary Titan Award & Gold Professional Relationship Memoir Human Relations Award, Gold Historical Realistic Fiction Human Relations Indie Award, National Indie Excellence Award, with coverage by Bloomberg, Business Insider, Yahoo!, and more:

CBH’s Alex Grand wrote the mini-bio of Sal Buscema in the creator section of John Carpenter’s Hyperbreed by Guy Dorian Sr & Louise Simonson:

and another Alex Grand Motion Comic depicting Marvel Universe co-creator, Steve Ditko’s Space Adventures, 1960 or watch in 4k on Amazon Prime:

Captain Adam’s adventures continue in new CBH Motion Comic written & animated by Alex Grand also found in 4k on Amazon Prime:

CBH’s Alex Grand & Jim Thompson interview Silver Age Inker Tom Palmer on his extensive biographical career, also featured in Alter Ego 184, 2023:

CBH’s Alex Grand talks to grad student Finn Holovacs about the cultural development of comic books over the twentieth century. Recorded and presented in 2023

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