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Neal Adams Interview, Balls of Steel by Alex Grand & Bill Field

Today’s episode features a very special interview with comic book writer, artist, and the legend Neal Adams. Co-Founder of Continuity Studios. Comic book lovers, don’t miss the interviews…Alex Grand and Bill Field interview the chief comic book illustrator himself, Neal Adams. We discuss his life and times starting when he graduated from the School of
Industrial Art in 1959, his news strip and advertising work in the early 60s, his late 60s Superhero books, through the 70s with Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster and Superman Muhammad Ali, through his Continuity era during the 1980s and beyond. Who was Green Lantern and Green Arrow based on? Was Christopher Reeve his favorite Superman? How did Neal get his start?

Transcript published in Comic Book Historians Presents… Neal Adams, Master Illustrator:

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Video chapters
00:00 Neal Adams’s first comic art
00:51 Working with Howard Nostrand?
02:19 Bat Masterson to Ben Casey | Johnstone and Cushing
05:53 Advertising design, strips & illustration
07:00 Getting into DC comics | Carmine Infantino
10:05 Tales of the Green Beret by Kubert
11:54 The golden era came as a result of what I did
14:23 Green Lantern/Green Arrow | relevant comic books
19:03 Green Lantern/Green Arrow sales
21:57 Green Lantern/Green Arrow vs Steve Ditko’s Hawk and Dove
22:38 Restore Batman’s roots
25:59 Jim Steranko vs Neal Adams
27:50 Getting Siegel and Shuster credit
29:34 Superman vs. Muhammad Ali
32:29 Christopher Reeve as Superman
32:56 Continuity Comics, how it came to be?
35:57 Working in Advertising again
37:44 Artists need to diversify opportunities
39:12 Wrapping Up

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