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CBH’s Alex Grand interviewed on the Calling Out Controversy Podcast 2019 about the Joker and the Comics Code

Read Alex Grand’s Understanding Superhero Comic Books published by McFarland Books in 2023 with Foreword by Jim Steranko with editorial reviews by comic book professionals, Jim Shooter, Tom Palmer, Tom DeFalco, Danny Fingeroth, Alex Segura, Carl Potts, Guy Dorian Sr. and more.

In the meantime enjoy the show:

CBH’s Alex Grand gets interviewed by Justin Kenyon on a couple occasions for the Calling Out Controversy Podcast currently found on Castbox Podcast player.


First occasion centered around discussing the 1954 Comics Code. Discussion covers various aspects of edgy comics becoming more kid friendly, along with the rise and fall of the code. This podcast is from 2019.

The second occasion centered around The Joker, comic book villain whose origins start in 1940 and his various depictions and progressions of his character going from the golden age to modern comics, also covering his depictions in animation and film.


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