Welcome to Comic Book Historians, an Online Fanzine. I’m Alex Grand and we’re dedicated to creating a multimedia experience to learning the intricacies of Comic Book History, to fit the comic books and strips that we know and love into a visual historical context. Who created what? Why was it created? Where did all these stories and characters come from? What do they tell about our country or world at those points in time? Why does that matter? If these characters weren’t always this way, how did they get created? This is a place where research is presented with facts in an overall picture to get at the truth whether it’s an Article, Podcast, Interactive Facebook group, Instagram or YouTube Channel. Check out our blogger to see Jim’s CBH blog page and hilariously knowledgeable Bill Field is the host of the CBH Podcast.

Meet Historian Alex Grand…

Comic Book History is a mission to find out what happened back then. Time periods & decades, politico-culturally shape comics by the year. Comic books give us a glimpse of mainstream (and  sometimes not so mainstream) psychology in different years, decades, and “ages.”

I enjoy putting it all down into an easy to read format for beginners as well as sharing a learning tool for intermittent and advanced level comic book historians.

Meet Historian Jim Thompson…

I am a lawyer and an academic (a double black mark to some). I taught film/genre theory for Duke University for 15 years, but managed to sneak in the study of comics every chance I had. More importantly,

I READ comics – old ones, new ones, American and foreign, super hero and experimental. I currently co-moderate the Comic Book Historians Facebook Group in between divorcing clients and professoring to a single student – my four year old.


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